Recent Customer Review

We own a home that is both a Lake Forest Landmark (2004) and is on the National Historic Register (2006). Most recently, we received the 2015 Lake Forest Preservation Foundation Award for the two-story addition that C & P constructed.


The committee was most impressed by the firm's adherence to the vision of the original architect--sharing photos of the beams that were gouged by their craftsmen to mimic that on the Southern visage of our home, noting the tile roof matched exactly as did the windows, the shutters, the wrought iron grillwork, and the brick.


The interior is visually stunning, as well as accurate. As Michael Breseman, our architect, noted, C & P was "willing to not cut corners" when constructing to meet his high standards and our specifications. The kitchen, breakfast room, butler pantry, laundry room, wine cellar, children's play room, and "man cave" took our 1928 home into the 21st Century with grace and with integrity.


I recommend the firm without reservation.


-April 2015, Lake Forest