Recent Customer Review

The project included remodeling one bathroom; reconfiguring, expanding and moving another bathroom; replacing internal plumbing; rebuilding and refinishing the stairs; and refinishing the second floor floors. Since the house is 85 years old, we wanted the character of the house maintained. This meant that there was salvaging and reusing of doors, hardwood flooring, crown molding and base boards. We can't say enough about how happy we are about the way the finished work turned out. The craftsmanship was beautiful. Where the salvaged materials were used, it looks as though the work was with the house from the beginning. Due to previous family commitment, we did have a deadline for some of the work. This they met. 

Besides the way it turned out, there are other things that really impressed us. Not only were all the workers very skilled, they were also very nice and polite. They showed up every day. (We've had bad experiences in the past where, once the job was started, the contractor would disappear for a couple of days at a time). Since we were living in the house during the project, the fact that they were very neat also really meant a lot. By the way, we did have a couple of bids for this work and C & P came in with the best bid. 

All in all, a terrific job. Wish we would have done the work sooner.

-May 2015 Arlington Heights